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    The TEX Report is pleased to announce the launch of Gas Manual Japanese 2023.

    LNG is considered to play a crucial role in the period of transition toward carbon neutrality and demand is significantly increasing. Thanks to this strong demand, several LNG project in the US, a major LNG producing country, reached final investment decisions. Some projects are being planned in the country and existing projects are working to expand their capacities.

    On consumer side, some LNG import terminals using Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) in Europe started operations. Countries in the area are striving to reduce dependence on natural gas from Russia. Also, the Philippines started importing LNG in 2023, and other emerging countries are starting to introduce LNG. Japanese buyers are seeking new procurement sources in the US, Asia, and the Middle East.

    The new gas manual covers the latest status of LNG terminals in Japan and contracts by Japanese power and gas companies, as well as the global market trend to around September of 2023. This book also reports Japan’s Strategic Buffer LNG measure and activities to achieve decarbonization including introducing e-methane.

    In the LPG part, the latest topic of the industry including the domestic LPG distributing companies' receipt and sales volumes, and outlies of their receiving facilities can be checked.

    In the statistics part, this book also includes statistics of Japan's imports of LNG and LPG by source and by port (both revised figure and final figure), and imports and exports of notable countries such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and the US etc.

    Gas Manual Japanese 2023

    Main Contents

    Japan's LNG Imports(-June 2023)
    LNG Terminals and Power Generation Facilities
    LNG Contracts of Japanese Power Firms and Gas Firms
    LNG Projects in the World
    Japan's LPG Imports and Outlines of Japanese LPG Distributors' Sales and Facilities
    Overseas Countries' Imports of LNG and LPG
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    Issue Date

    12 December, 2023


    US$150 + Postage (actual cost)

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